sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010

Why my Ayatana backporting project sucks?

Biggest mistake i've made, was setting stable depends for my packages. Which werent working, or even werent in AUR at all. I done this for clarity, hoping, that after i will done bzr packages, someone will make also working stable packages. This not happened, and thus my packages not gained much popularity - after all not everyone reads Arch Linux BBS, to know that he *must* install all dependencies manually with -bzr.
Thats way my packages werent popular at all, and i got almost no support for community (without two persons, which i thank).
Now im returning to making Arch packages, but still no luck with Ayatana. Much has changed in indicators bzr's and now many of them depends on GNOME 2.31 which isnt compiled on Archlinux. Because of this i cannot continue with maintaining Ayatana packages, till Arch Linux will get GNOME 2.31 (hey, why 2.31 still isnt in gnome-unstable repository?). You will propably ask - why i willn't make gnome unstable packages in aur myself? Sorry, but at the moment im maintaining or plan to maintain few dozens of very hard-to-maintain AUR packages. If i would also maintaint complete desktop enviroment this would be much to much for one person.

You can also check my thread on Archlinux BBS:

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